Roof Masco Chemical There are many things that causes leakage in bathroom like damaged walls, mildew growth, leaking shower etc. But before applying any treatment it is important to inspect the cause of leakage. If you have another story that seem like your bathroom or your neighbor’s bathroom is in the same place, the problem can be of water supply line or in one of the bathroom fittings faucet or drains. The bathroom of your upper neighbor shall cause a way to leak towards your bathroom. If the leakage has been occurred from water supply line/ drain line then it has to be fixed in the first place. The floors will be compulsorily changed because the tiles might get affected by the leak which can break or crack in future. During the changing of the flooring of your bathroom waterproofing should be done. Once the waterproofing is done you need not to worry the next 4-5 years or above of it. The process of waterproofing starts from the old tiles that eventually broken and the surface is made smooth in level for waterproofing. Waterproofing chemical is applied or sprayed on the surface and especially on the joints of wall. We use imported chemical and it is applied twice. Once the first coat is applied then in next 2-3 hours, a second coat will be applied in an different direction to the first coat. Like if the first coat is applied vertically then second coat will be applied horizontaly. If you notice a damp spot reoccurring off on the ceiling then there are 99% chances that the drain pipe will leak. This problem is caused by unfixed traps. Trap is basically a small hole where water flows outside of your bathroom, the fitting inside this outlet is called as trap. Masco chemical company knows that how important it is to fix the trap, that’s why we are here to protect you from these situations. There are two types of traps (S-trap) and (P-trap) they are used for the drain according to the availability of space. In some cases there can be a leakage in the fixture if it’s got rotten, here you need to replace the entire diverter or fitting. There can be chances of loose fitting between water supply line and fixture, it can be fixed by tightening the fitting. As you can assume that it is very important to gain some knowledge about bathroom leakages that will help you further in future. If the flooring of your bathroom is changed then the traps should also be changed. There would be no chance of leak if CPVC pipes are used for water supply and drainage system.

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