Roof Masco Chemical To diagnose the water problem or moisture in basement first inspect its source. One source can be indoor humidity that condenses on cold surfaces, more like water droplets. Other source can be water or water vapours that comes from outside that is rainwater, melting snow or ground water that can saturate the soil around your basement and can cause to leak. Water leakages mostly comes from cracks in the basement, it penetrates through the concrete or masonry walls in the form of water droplets. To find out the cause of water leakage apply aluminum foil tape onto your basement walls and inspect it after some few days. If the moisture is on the outside of the surface of the foil indicates high indoor humidity. If the moisture is behind the foil it means that the moisture is leaking through walls. To get rid of the excess of humidity in your basement the one and only solution is to eliminate all sources of humid air which will help you to dry out your basement. Seal the leaky dryer vents with the help of foil tapes to prevent unwanted humid air from entering your basement. Don’t just apply a duct tape, it will eventually peel off itself. Apply a vent fan to your basement, keep the windows of your basement closed during humid weather. And if your are still facing condensation on cool surfaces then run a dehumidifier to make indoor humidity lower. To insulate basement walls we have to insulate exterior walls of basement to prevent condensation. In cold climates insulation of basement walls also secures energy and reduces your heating bill. If the water is leaking from outside then don’t cover the walls with insulation it will cause a potential mold problem, for this plugging holes and cracks in basement will also not solve basement leaks but it can help for temporary cracks. For permanent solution hydraulic cement is the best option for patching up the holes of a basement. Masco Chemical Company provides its basement leakage services all over Pakistan we can help you with all sorts of basement problems, we have experienced professionals who perform their tasks with unique techniques.

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