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Roof Masco Chemical it is much easy to repair an old water leaking tanks and container instead of buying a new one. Here’s a tip that rectangular and square tanks always crack due to uneven pressure of water, so ensure to build a circular shaped tank from the beginning to make it’s life durable. Many tanks covers different kinds of tank repairs that is galvanized steel, masonry or ferrocement walls and foundations, porous material walls, cracked materials, construction, operation, maintenance and corrugated galvanized iron sheet tanks. Water tanks that are built of galvanized iron sheets were popular some times ago. Unfortunately, the bottom part of the tanks gets corroded or leaked after 5-10 years, they are then considered as useless and discharged as scrap metal but usually these tanks would not be useless until an unless they are repaired. Repaired tanks secure more money than buying or searching new ones. Masco chemical company is one of the best water tank proofing company, our professionals will make your tank same as it was before. To begin this procedure small holes are punched in the wall of every distance of 15 cm by using a nail or hammer, then we bind the wires that are cutted about 20 cm in lengths and are bent in U shape. One of our professional puts two ends of a U bent wire into the punched holes placed near each other. And our second professional presses chicken mesh against the wall and use two ends of the U wire to tie it to the chicken mesh tightly against the wall. After that the chicken mesh is laid on the floor of the tank. Cement is mixed with the clean river sand in a ratio of 1:3 parts of cement and sand and some water. This mortar is thrown onto the chicken mesh in a layer of about 1 com thick. Then the day after today another coat of mortar is added until binding wires and chicken mesh are covered with motar, within the addition of cement slurry that is pressed onto the moist plaster with a square steel trowel for waterproofing. The outer side of the tank will be painted with a weatherproof paint which is made up of 1 part cement and 10 parts of lime mixed with water.

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