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roof heat proofing services in karachiRoof Masco Chemical company is professional in all of its service which includes heat proofing. With the increase of high energy rate designs engineers have greater interest in reducing energy consumption by increasing efficiency of energy. In search for cost efficiencies, there is developing interest in the usage of roof insulation in Pakistan. Isothane is best to use as roof heat proofing chemical or can be used as roof heat proofing bareer. Isothane can reduce upto maximum 45% room temperature and because of it you can secure energy cost up to 50%. Our isothane chemical of roof insulation is guaranteed to isothane the coating, you need for your roof application. Whether you have factory, office or building which needs to keep energy at low cost, the only way to fulfill this need is Isothane. In these days people prefer to ask how to reduce internal temperature or how to decrease energy cost? The only answer to these questions is Isothane. Heat comes in three forms (Ultra-Violet UV rays, Visible Light, Infrared IR rays) Isothane will block all these three rays that are responsible for roughly 57% of heat load on the roof of the building. Isothane can be applied to the roof and side of the building such as RCC metal, asphalt, aluminum, wood and rubber it can also be used on the interior surfaces of the house or buildings. With having high elongated and strong bonding additional properties, Isothane can be excellent waterproof barrier against all types of roofs and exterior walls. Isothane helps to protect building, contraction, thermal shocks and other damages caused by hot weather. Usage of air conditioners and other cooling appliances is not healthy for the inner atmosphere, isothane will drastically reduce the heat temperature and it will help to make the environment cozy and comfortable. Masco Chemical Company provides its services all over Pakistan that includes Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Hyderabad, Islamabad, Sukkur and Quetta..

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